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Yard Sale Permit

Web Based Yard Sale Permit - No Fee Required

You may apply in person at 2010 S Lincoln Rd

Phone 989.772.4600 Ext 241 for help or information



If you do not receive your permit, or did not apply for one, and this is not more than your third sale in the calendar year, please hold your sale and call the township at your convenience at 989.772.4600 ext 241 to report not receiving the permit you applied for.  If for any reason you did not apply for a permit prior for the yard sale, please  fill out the application above and submit, there are no penalties for an after the event permit, providing it is not your 4th or more sale in the calendar year.

Yard Sale Rules (Ordinance 2011-06)

Yard Sale, also known as a garage sale, rummage sale, tag sale, attic sale, moving sale, or junk sale, is an informal, irregularly scheduled event for the sale of used goods by private individuals at their residence, and includes fund raising events by nonprofit groups when conducted in non commercial/industrial zoning districts.

Yard Sales shall be permitted provided the following conditions are met:

A.     Sales shall not operate more than three consecutive days, unless a national holiday falls on a Monday in which case sales may take place for four (4) consecutive days including the holiday Monday.

B.     All material and displays shall not be set out prior to the sale or remain after the evening of the last day of the sale.

C.     Sales shall not occur more than 3 times per calendar year.

D.     Sales are conducted entirely on the owner’s property.  Multiple-family sales are permitted if they are held on the property of one of the participants.

E.      No goods purchased for resale may be offered for sale.

F.      Signs in accordance with Section 11.

G.     No portion of the sale shall be located in the Road Right of Way or conducted in such a manner as to impede the flow of traffic and or access to other property in the vicinity

H.     A permit shall be obtained from the township prior to or during the course of the sale.  The permit fee shall be established by the Board of Trustees in the Schedule of Fees.

Moble Home Parks and Subdivisions may have more restrictions, be sure to check.

Yard Sale Permit List


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